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Your Guide to Getting the Best Beanie Buddies Value

beanie buddies value

Some rare Beanie Buddies are worth up to $100,000—or even much more. Beanie Buddies are larger versions of plush toy manufacturer Ty’s Beanie Babies. They’ve been a hit from the start. Ty developed a practice of suddenly retiring its creations. The practice led to a buying spree among the remaining toys, and it worked well. […]

How to Start Your Beanie Buddies Collection the Right Way

beanie buddies collection

By now, most people know that there are collectible Beanie Babies that are worth a small fortune. While there are plenty of current and retired Beanie Babies that you can buy at a moderate price, these high-priced Beanie Babies can make starting a collection seem intimidating.  What if you still want to start a collection […]

A Brief History of Beanie Babies

beanie babies

Millennials everywhere should remember this popular 90’s toy! These lovable, collectible stuffed animals that took the world by storm had their time in the limelight only to fizzle out a few decades later. We’re talking about Beanie Babies! This craze had people all over the world looking to buy beanie babies, even smuggling them in from […]