Your Guide to Getting the Best Beanie Buddies Value

beanie buddies value

Some rare Beanie Buddies are worth up to $100,000—or even much more.

Beanie Buddies are larger versions of plush toy manufacturer Ty’s Beanie Babies. They’ve been a hit from the start.

Ty developed a practice of suddenly retiring its creations. The practice led to a buying spree among the remaining toys, and it worked well.

The toys increased in value and consumers snapped up Ty’s furry creations like crazy. Today, that demand continues.

Keep reading for a guide to getting the best Beanie Buddies value.

The Joy of Collecting Beanie Buddies

Many people enjoy collecting things. Collecting Beanie Buddies offers several benefits.

For instance, people feel happy and have less stress when they find a cherished piece to add to their collections. The hobby also helps with memory.

Furthermore, collecting fosters competitiveness. These feelings along with the fact that some Beanie Buddies increased in value helped boost the toys’ popularity.

Plus, they’re just downright cute.

Beanie Buddies Value

Collectors continue to search for some of the most elusive and valuable Beanie Buddies and expensive Beanie Babies. What’s more, they’re prepared to spend a considerable amount of cash for the right treasured Beanie Buddies find.

Some of the rarest Beanie Buddies are valuable all by themselves. Others, however, are worth more as part of a set. A good example of valuable Beanie Babies in a set is the Teenie Beanie Boos that came with Happy Meals.

Other things can increase the value of Beanie Buddies. For instance, the kind of pellet filling can make one of the plush toys worth more. Likewise, a manufacturing defect or design or color variance can also increase the value of this collectible.

High-Value Beanie Buddies

Consumers covet the first-generation plush collectibles the most. They continue to seek these cherished items to this day.

For instance, Ty originally manufactured nine Beanie Babies. This smaller-sized line of plush toys includes:

  • Chocolate the Moose
  • Flash the Dolphin
  • Spot the Dog
  • Squealer the Pig
  • Legs the Frog
  • Splash the Whale
  • Brownie the Bear (Cubbie)
  • Patti the Platypus
  • Pinchers the Lobster

There are other early Ty collectibles that remain popular with today’s collectors. For example, many consumers crave Princess the Bear, or Princess Bear.

Claude the Crab is also popular among collectors. Of course, the 15-inch Large Wallace is a highly sought-after bear, with its whopping $600,000 price tag when paired with his two bear buddies, Cashew and Huggie

Let’s look closer at some of the most valuable Beanie Buddies.

Princess the Bear

Princess the Bear is a memorial collectible. It honors the late Diana, Princess of Wales. It’s a purple bear with a white rose on its chest.

Everyone wanted Princess Bear when she arrived. First editions of the collectible vary in price depending on their condition.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Princess Bear collectible, you may want to reconsider before selling it. Today, a rare, retired Princess Bear goes for as much as $900,000.

Peace, Ringo, and Bones

Peace, Ringo, and Bones is another wildly popular Ty collection. It includes:

  • 15-Inch Peace Bear
  • 9-Inch Peace Bear
  • Ringo (a raccoon)
  • Bones (a dog)

The group could net you up to $159,000. However, the collectibles in this group aren’t worth as much separately. Peace Bear is the most valuable of the quartet with a solo value of $5,000.

Ideally, you want to acquire all four members of this group. If so, you can sell them for a considerable amount of cash.


Bubbles is the richest fish in the Ty family. You could net as much as $129,000 with a Bubbles collectible.

Ty released the first version of Bubbles in 1996. This seagoing furry pal went through several iterations since then.

These updates made the toys susceptible to errors. Of course, Ty corrected the mistakes. However, the limited-run Bubbles are worth substantial bucks.

If you have a Bubbles plush toy, look for an error on the tag. A mistake could indicate your Beanie toy is valuable.

Buying Beanie Buddies

Ty released limited-run editions when the company dominated the toy market. The company stopped making certain lines when they felt a particular toy was due for retirement. These short runs limited the availability of the collectibles and made them more valuable.

Most parents gave the Beanie toys to their children, and the toys saw lots of play. However, these well-used toys aren’t worth as much as Beanies that are in mint condition.

If you have a Beanie toy that’s in good condition, you should also check the filling. Ty’s polyethylene-filled toys fetch the highest prices.

Choosing Beanie Buddies

If you’re new to collecting Ty plush toys, there are a few things you should consider. First, you should break collectibles down into two groups to start assessing their value—rare and common.

Rare Beanies include those of which Ty only produced a few thousand, so demand is higher for them and they’re worth more. Meanwhile, common Beanies include those that Ty mass produces. The company might make millions of these editions, decreasing demand—and their value.

Also, check the tag of your Beanie. The hangtag and tush tag should match. If these items don’t match, it will considerably reduce the value of your Beanie Buddie.

A Certificate of Authenticity also increases the value of your Beanie Buddie. However, it’s important to ensure the certificate itself is authentic.

Finally, consider the provenance of your Beanie Buddy. Plush toys linked to important historical events, like Princess Bear, will likely have more value.

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