7 Reasons Why People Buy Toys and Collectibles (And Why You Should, Too)

buy toys and collectibles

Did you know that antique furniture, comic books, vinyl records, and dolls and toys are some of the most popular collectible items in America? Do you, perchance, have a collection of some (or all) of these items already? 

Or maybe you are getting swept up by your friends’ or relatives’ collections and wanting to start your own? There are many tangible and non-tangible reasons for building a collection of toys and other collectibles. Read on to see why it’s time for you to buy toys and collectibles now. 

1. Connect with Your Childhood

The psychology of collecting says that a lot of collectible items are remnants of or reminders of your childhood. For example, comic books that you read when you were a child could be collectible items for you as an adult. Or beanie babies that you used to play with as a young ‘un, could now be a part of your collection in your middle age. 

These items help you connect deeper to your childhood, perhaps, because it always feels like everyone’s childhood rushes by them too fast.

It’s also a great way to remember all those fun times you had playing with your dolls or toys, especially during tough adulting moments. 

2. Build Your Investment Portfolio Using Collectibles

The great thing about collectibles is that they aren’t just nostalgic items, but they can be quite valuable as well. There are some collectible items that go for thousands of dollars on the bidding market. For example, the Garbage Pail Kid card sold for $7,856 on eBay. 

In this manner, you aren’t just building a nostalgia-based collection, but you might even be building intergenerational wealth. Your descendants could use the increased collection value to fund their college education or buy a house in the future!

Some individuals are collecting only to resell the item at a higher price. It’s a great way to build a second income that can allow you to buy that house you wish or go on that vacation you desire.

3. Form Connections with Collectible Communities

Another positive of building collections is that you automatically become part of a unique community of folks, online and offline, who are interested in building similar collections as you. For example, if you are building a collection of matchbooks or Disney pins, then you can bet there are other folks out there who are doing the same as you.

You can form a deep connection and bond with these individuals, and these friendships can last through the ages. Some collectible friends even get married because of their common interests. 

4. Express Yourself in a Unique Fashion

In this day and age, it’s hard to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other people around you, who dress the same, eat the same foods, and live the same lives. That’s why collecting unique items like beanie babies or VHS tapes, is such a great way of standing out from the crowd. 

When everyone is chatting about the same old TV shows, you can put a spotlight on your uniqueness by speaking about your collection. It’s an easy way to break the ice and start a conversation while on a date as well. 

5. Foster Hope, Control, and Accomplishment through Your Collection

One thing that Americans are seeking more fervently than ever is hope. In a world where natural disasters, pandemics, and civil unrest are becoming par for the course, it’s more important than ever to foster hope and a sense of control. 

Also, collecting unique collectibles is a great way of feeling like you are accomplishing something with your life. The bigger your collection grows, the more your standing in the collectible community grows as well. It’s a great boost for your self-esteem and self-worth. 

In addition, due to the digital-savvy nature of people nowadays, many collectors are showcasing their collections online and giving that visual delight to people who aren’t interested in collecting their own items. This also helps you build your collection easier, as you can contact folks in all parts of the world to buy additional items from them. 

6. Seek Comfort through Your Collection

Whenever you have a bad day and you just want to cuddle up with a hot tea and a soft blanket and hide from the world, you can use your collection to give you that warmth and hope. It’s also quite important to remember that investing in your day-to-day happiness is becoming more important as time goes on. 

No one else is going to do it for you, so you have to do it for yourself. There are many ways to build up joy and comfort, but one easy way is to start building a collection of some items you love and adore. 

7. Make Your Home More Welcoming and Warm

Do you spend more time at the bars or the office, because you find it hard to come back home, to a lonely and cold place? Sometimes it’s not enough to have a home to come to, there needs to be something more that beckons you home.

When you have a unique collection of items waiting for you at home, it entices you to come home and play with that item even more. It’s like a siren singing its song, reminding you that it’s time to relax at home with your toys and collectibles. Without that reminder, you might spend all day every day outside, only coming home to sleep at night.

Buy Toys and Collectibles to Start Your Own Collection Today

Now that you know of the myriad benefits of building a collection, you are ready to start this engaging hobby yourself. Buy toys and collectibles from respectable and reputable suppliers, so you know that you have the genuine item you seek, not just a fake copy.

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