Top Ten Best First Birthday Gifts

best first birthday gifts

There are 366 potential birthdays out there, and on any of those days, someone is turning 1!

If you’re celebrating your child’s first birthday or someone else’s first birthday, you’ll want to give a gift they won’t forget. 

So, how do you do that? You check out this list! Let’s take a look at the top ten best first birthday gifts to give.

1. A Beanie Baby

Beanie babies are timeless presents and appreciate in value! Not only will your toddling recipient love getting to squish these fun stuffed animals as a child, but they’ll also have something valuable in the future.

What’s more, there are tons of different beanie baby styles you can choose from. You can choose the little tyke’s favorite animal to make it extra personalized.

Not sure what to get? Check out this cute April beanie baby with a birthday hat on. It’s the perfect present! 

2. Personalized Puzzle

When we think of personalized puzzles we usually think of romantic gifts for your significant other. But you can also make personalized puzzles that work well for babies!

The younger the child, the fewer puzzle pieces something should have. However, you can still come up with really cute puzzles. 

For example, for a one-year-old, you could create a three-piece name puzzle. It’s a great way for them to practice their developmental skills and to have something fun to hang onto!

3. Pull-Back Cars

Pull-back cars are another great gift for one-year-olds. Pull-back cards engage the little tyke and let them really interact with their new toy.

Plus, little ones love watching the cars zoom across the cord just by pulling the car back and releasing it!

You can get creative with pull-back cars, too. Add cute name personalizations or get them made in the little one’s favorite color! 

4. A Book Set

Reading with little ones is a great way to help them learn, which is why a book set can make the perfect first birthday present!

You can get books in all kinds of genres, too. Choose a book set that matches the child’s interests or pick books that will teach them interesting skills.

No matter what you choose, we’re confident that the little one in your life will love these fun, educational presents. 

5. Socks and Shoes

Kids are always growing, and when they’re just one year old they’re growing at lightning speed.

As such, they’re outgrowing their shoes and socks all the time!

One fun first birthday present you can give to a toddler is a set of shoes and socks. Not only is this a practical present, but you can pick a fun theme.

For instance, do the tyke’s parents love Star Wars? Give some Chewy-themed socks! Are they Disney fans? Pick some Elsa shoes and socks!

You can get really creative with shoes and socks sets and still find something that you know the toddler will use. 

6. A Bead Maze

Whenever you take a little one to the doctor’s office you’ll most likely find a bead maze there. These fun mazes are great ways to keep your kids entertained!

Bead mazes help your kids practice important skills while also letting them have fun at the same time. 

You can also, as with many of the other presents personalize this. Choose from fun colors and unique shapes that you know your toddler will love. 

7. Personalized Beach Towel

Personalized beach towels are perfect for little ones. Not only are they practical, but they’re also great for making sure that you know whose towel is whose!

With a personalized beach towel, you can add fun features such as hoods and pockets. These are great additions to help keep your little one dry and warm after a long day playing in the water. 

We loved personalized beach towels for things like daycare and summer camp, too. You’ll never lose track of your tyke’s towel, making it a gift that pays for itself. 

8. Personalized Night Light

It’s not uncommon for little ones to be scared of the dark. They might have trouble falling or staying asleep thanks to the fact that we turn out the lights at night.

One way to counteract this is to give a one-year-old a night light. The night light can help them feel safe and sound in the dark (and prevent Mom and Dad from having to rush in and comfort them all the time).

Plus, you can make the night light personalized. Get the baby’s name crafted as the light to make for a super sweet first birthday gift. 

9. Birthday Crown

If you’re giving a gift to a one-year-old who loves to play dress-up, a birthday crown is a great choice. 

This embroidered birthday crown will not only be ideal for the day that the baby turns one but also for imaginary play afterward!

Plus, it’s a sweet little keepsake of their first years. Talk about a wonderful first birthday present!

10. On-the-Go Shape Box

Young moms know how hard it can be to keep Baby entertained when they’re out and about for the day.

That’s why a great first birthday present is a portable shape box!

This fun, fabric shape box can be lugged around wherever the child goes. That helps keep them entertained and makes sure they aren’t fussing when they are out of the house for a while. 

Find the Best First Birthday Gifts on the Market

With this one year old gift guide, you’ll have no problem picking the best first birthday gifts out there. No matter what you choose, we’re confident that you’ll be able to come up with a gift baby loves! 

One of the best gifts for one-year-olds you can give is a beanie baby! Shop our collection to pick the perfect one.  

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