6 Reasons To Buy Beanie Babies for Family or Friends

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Since the early 90s, Beanie Babies have taken the world by storm, with the rarest going for over 500,000 dollars. Although they are very collectible, you don’t have to be a collector to appreciate these stuffed toys. 

The variety and cuteness make Beanie Babies the perfect gift for anyone in your life. From the life-like bean-filled bodies to the many animal shapes, anyone can enjoy this classic toy. 

We highlight the top five reasons to buy Beanie Babies for your loved ones of all ages in our guide below. 

1. Beanie Babies Are a Nostalgic Gift 

In 1993, Ty Warner began distributing his cute Beanie Baby designs to the public. Small toy stores first sold Beanie Babies, making them uncommon toys. That quickly changed, and within a few years, Beanie Babies became one of the most popular plush toys on the market. 

People of all ages have a Beanie Baby toy that they remember playing with as a child. Maybe you remember buying original Beanie Babies from the early 90s. If you are part of the younger crowd, you may have collected Beanie Boos instead.

A Beanie Baby is the perfect gift to bring a loved one back to their younger years. They will cherish this sentimental gift that reminds them of their childhood.

2. Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens 

It seems like every kid is stuck in front of a screen these days. Electronic toys are not only expensive, but they are prone to breaking. They also don’t provide kids with important developmental pretend play

Break your kids out of the electronic rut by getting them a Beanie Baby. When you buy toys and collectibles for your kids, you encourage them to use their imagination. From picnics to stories, your kids will find many different things to do with their new animal friends.

Electronic toys can be good for educational games, but they shouldn’t be the only toy your child uses. Buying Beanie Babies encourages confidence and gives your child endless possibilities for play. 

3. Beanie Babies Can Get You Unexpected Cash 

When Beanie Babies dominated the toy market, the Ty company released each animal for a short amount of time. Once that particular animal’s time was up, they were retired, and Ty stopped making them. The short-lived life of each Beanie Baby animal meant that some were worth big bucks to the right people.

Although many of these toys see lots of play, rare Beanie Babies in great condition can be worth a lot of money. Checking the tags on your Beanie Babies is a good idea, as tags with errors can fetch a big payout.

The Beanie Babies that are worth the most money are rare first editions. For example, the Princess Diana tribute Beanie Baby went for thousands. A white Beanie Baby with a red heart named Valentino is another bear with a significant price tag. 

The original Beanie Babies in good condition are also very sought after by many. Look for toys with PE pellets to get the highest price.

4. Beanie Babies Are Excellent Companions

Good company is always a welcome thing no matter what your age. Many people find this type of comfort in animals and other people. If you are looking for a low-maintenance companion for you or a loved one, look no further than a Beanie Baby!

These small animals are soft and adorable. Their small size means you can bring them almost anywhere. From sitting snugly on your bed to keeping you company in your purse, these cute animals will never leave your side.

The durability of these little pals means you can love them for years to come. The size also makes them perfect for companionship on the go. 

5. Enjoy the Thrill of Collecting 

Creating a collection is a popular way that many people pass the time. There is a multitude of health benefits to starting a collection. 

When you find a piece for your collection, you raise your happiness and reduce your stress levels. Collecting objects also helps your memory and competitive spirit. Beanie Babies have long been sought after by collectors because of their popularity. 

There are many other Beanie Baby collectors out there you can contact in your quest to grow your collection. You can reach out to the collection community and ask them who buys beanie babies to get the best leads. Finding other collectors is a great way to make new friends with similar interests as you.

6. There Are So Many Beanie Babies to Collect 

Beanie Babies have come a long way since their creation in the early 90s. What started as a line of nine animals quickly expanded to an animal empire.

The line of Beanie Babies grew to include over 800 different animals. Many Beanie Babies came out to symbolize other major holidays, events, or people. This helped increase their collectability.

There are several spin-off Beanie Baby brands if you are looking to stray from the original toys. You can buy Beanie Buddies, which are larger than the original Beanie Babies. 

Are you looking for the latest line of Beanie Babies? If so, buy Beanie Boos, which are a newer version with large, sparkling eyes and a little smile.

Buy Beanie Babies for All the People in Your Life

From a nostalgic companion to a sought-after collectible, Beanie Babies can fit many diverse tastes. There are endless ways to play with and enjoy these animals!

Although many people have these stuffed toys stashed away from their childhood, you can also buy Beanie Babies brand new. Here at My Beanie Babies, we have Beanie Babies to fit any occasion! 

Search our shop today to find exactly the Beanie Baby you are looking for. 

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