How to Start Your Beanie Buddies Collection the Right Way

By now, most people know that there are collectible Beanie Babies that are worth a small fortune. While there are plenty of current and retired Beanie Babies that you can buy at a moderate price, these high-priced Beanie Babies can make starting a collection seem intimidating. 

What if you still want to start a collection of Ty toys but don’t want to chase after expensive toys? What if you like Beanie Babies but want something a little bit cuddlier?

We recommend starting a Beanie Buddies collection. Beanie Buddies are a lot like Beanie Babies, but they’re bigger and, oftentimes, softer.

Read on to learn more about starting a Beanie Buddies collection of your own.

What Makes Beanie Buddies Different?

The original Beanie Baby tends to stand between 7 and 9 inches tall. The first thing you’ll notice about Beanie Buddies is that they’re bigger than classic Beanie Babies. They tend to be between 12 and 14 inches tall.

Another key difference is that while Beanie Babies are stuffed from head to toe with Ty’s unique “beans,” Beanie Buddies are stuffed with a few different materials. Oftentimes, the body has classic plush stuffing, while the feet contain Ty’s trademark beans.

Finally, Beanie Buddies are very soft. Many of them are made from a soft material that Ty, Inc. calls “Tylon,” while others are made from terrycloth. There is only one Beanie Buddie, Tangerine the Bear, that is made from both Tylon and terrycloth. 

When Did Beanie Buddies Come Out?

The classic Beanie Baby hit the market in 1993 and quickly became a sensation. Thanks to avid collectors, many Beanie Babies were impossible to find. When eager parents and collectors did find them, they found that the Beanie Baby craze had driven the price way, way up.

Ty, Inc. sought a way to make more types of Beanie toys available at a reasonable price point. In 1998, they released the original line of Beanie Buddies to try to balance out the market. There were nine Beanie Buddies in the original release, including Humphrey, Quakers, and Royal Blue Peanut. 

Many Beanie Buddies were larger versions of popular classic Beanie Babies. However, the line would expand over the years to include popular cartoon characters, like Donkey from Shrek and Anna from Frozen.

How Many Beanie Buddies Are There?

If you’ve ever tried to count the number of Beanie Babies Ty, Inc. has released over the years, you know that it’s practically impossible. The company has released and retired hundreds of different Beanie Babies.

While there are fewer Beanie Buddies than Beanie Babies, there are still too many to count. The good news is that there are lists of all the Beanie Buddies that Ty, Inc. has ever released, including retired and current options.

Where Can You Buy Beanie Buddies?

You can buy Beanie Buddies from many of the same vendors that sell Beanie Babies. Because some are still in circulation, you can buy new Beanie Buddies from Ty, Inc. or in participating stores. If you’re looking for rare or retired Beanie Buddies, like Baldy the Bald Eagle, your best bet is to look online.

Make sure that your online Beanie Buddy seller is reputable. The last thing you want is to invest in Beanie Buddies that turn up damaged or stained. At My Beanie Babies, we provide clear descriptions of the quality of all of our Beanie Babies and Beanie products to ensure that our buyers know exactly what they’re getting.

Are Beanie Buddies Appropriate for All Ages?

Beanie Buddies are, in fact, appropriate for all ages. Because they are on the larger size, they are great for toddlers and elementary schoolers who love to cuddle with a plush toy. As long as they are in good condition, they are very safe to play with.

Beanie Buddies are also great companions for anyone who enjoys plush toys. The larger size makes them easy to display and easy to keep track of during travel. Whether you want a new plush for your child to take on their first airplane ride or a high-quality plush to add to your plush collection, Beanie Buddies are the way to go.

Which Beanie Buddies Should You Buy?

Which Beanie Buddies you buy will depend on what you like. If you love classic Beanie Babies, we recommend sticking with the Beanie Buddies that are larger versions of classic Babies. Many of these, like Squealer the Pig and Snort the Bull, are already retired, but you can find many of them online at a reasonable price.

If you like your plush collectibles to represent your favorite franchises, keep your eyes peeled for cartoon Beanie Buddies. In addition to the characters we already mentioned, you can also find a Scooby Doo Beanie Buddy, a Finding Dory Beanie Buddy, My Little Pony Beanie Buddies, and more.

What Are the Most Valuable Beanie Buddies?

Are you looking to invest in Beanie Buddies as alternative assets? Unlike Beanie Babies, it’s not as easy to gauge which Beanie Buddies are worth the most money.

It stands to reason that Beanie Buddies in mint condition are going to sell at a higher price point than Beanie Buddies that don’t have their original tag or that show signs of wear and tear. You may also be able to sell Beany Buddies that had a limited release, like Britannia the Bear, released only in the UK.

Start Your Own Beanie Buddies Collection Today

If you want to expand your Beanie Babies collection, why not start a Beanie Buddies collection? With this guide, you can get started with ease.

Looking for the best Beanie Babies and other Ty, Inc. products for your collection or for a gift for loved ones? Take a look at our Beanie Babies shop.

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