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So, you want to buy beanie boos? 

According to our beanie boo checklist, there are 334 Beanie Boos for sale and counting, so you have a massive choice ahead of you. Every single adorable, highly collectible, big-headed, glittery-eyed Beanie Boo has something to bring to the table, and it’s impossible to choose a favorite!

Today is the day to click “add to cart” and bring a new friend home with you – but if you could only choose one, how would you pick?

It’s an impossible question for any beanie boo lover, we know! What if we told you that we could match you with your perfect, fluffy companion from our beanie boo collection based only on your birth month? We’ll take everything into account, from your zodiac sign to the time of year, to match you with a fluffy new friend! 

Keep reading to meet your ideal precious plush companion, then head over to the My Beanie Babies online store to bring your sweet soulmate home for good! 

If You’re Born in January, Meet Myrtle!

Myrtle the sparkly pink turtle is the perfect pal for beanie boos fans born in January! If you’re a Capricorn or Aquarius, you probably have a knack for persevering, even under adversity. This slow and steady pal will be the perfect companion as you patiently make your way toward your goal. 

If You’re Born in February, Meet Neptune!

If you have a February birthday, you are a dreamy, creative water sign with a love for all things fantastical. We think you’ll get along great with Neptune the Seahorse! This little friend looks like a mythical creature, but proves that even our wildest dreams can become a reality if we’re willing to search! 

If You’re Born in March, Meet Owen!

Bold and ambitious leaders are born in March! Who could be bolder than a rainbow-colored owl like the aqua-eyed Owen? This furry friend will be an excellent companion as you both soar to the top of your abilities! 

If You’re Born in April, Meet Patsy!

April babies love all things decadent and luxurious, so why not bring home a friend with the same fancy tastes? Pasty the poised pink poodle will love luxuriating with you! Whether you prefer to relax in a bubble bath or out in the natural world, Patsy will come along and keep you company while you bask!

If You’re Born in May, Meet Tabitha!

If you were born in May, we bet you were so curious that you scrolled right to this entry! Thus, we’ve matched you with an equally curious companion: Tabitha the orange tabby cat! This spry little friend will happily join you as you investigate the many wonders of the world! 

If You’re Born in June, Meet Brutus!

June babies can be a little bit guarded, willing to protect themselves and those they love at any cost. You’ll get along great with a gentle guard dog like Brutus! This sweet-faced, sad-eyed puppy will keep you safe wherever you roam! 

If You’re Born in July, Meet Coconut!

Nobody has more intuition than someone born in July! If that’s true, you might have already guessed that your perfect beanie boo is the intelligent and cuddly Coconut the monkey! Coconut is a smart and sassy purple-eyed gibbon who will always be one step ahead of you! 

If You’re Born in August, Meet Darling!

August babies are natural-born drama queens. You’ll have a blast taking center stage with your brand new companion, Darling the Dalmation! This striking pup sports a cheerful array of rainbow spots, so you’ll always stand out when you’re together.

If You’re Born in September, Meet Gilda!

People born in September tend to be perfectionists. That’s probably why you want to be absolutely certain to find your one true beanie boo friend for life!

You’ll get along great with the quirky but poised Gilda the Flamingo. This perfectly pink pal might even help you step outside of your comfort zone! 

If You’re Born in October, Meet Honey Bun!

Those born in October have a knack for passion and romance. You’re going to fall head over heels in love with Honey Bun, the sweet white puppy with a heart in her mouth! She is a sweet and passionate playmate who will be gentle with your heart. 

If You’re Born in November, Meet Patches!

If you were born in November, we’re surprised you stopped moving long enough to read this article! Your perfect, active companion is the speedy Patches the Leopard. You deserve a friend who can keep up with you during the day and snuggle close at night. 

If You’re Born in December, Meet Pegasus!

A child of December will not rest until they find their quest! You deserve a mighty mythical companion like Pegasus the Unicorn. This golden-horned beauty will happily go to the ends of the earth with you, proving that anything you can dream is possible. 

Buy Beanie Boos That Match Your Personality!

All beanie boos are the best beanie boos, but we hope this guide helped introduce you to a perfect new member for your fluffy family! Plush toys are addictively collectible, but bringing your new friend home will help you scratch that cuteness itch. We can’t wait to pack your new buddy up for their journey so you can finally give them a squeeze!

How did we do? If we didn’t get it right this time, take a look at our full collection of beanie boos and handpick your next plush pal! When you buy beanie boos from My Beanie Babies, you can be confident that you’re adding an adorable, authentic new member to your collection.  

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