Plush Toys for Friends and Family

Children love plush toys. They play pretend with them and snuggle up next to them for bed. But did you know children aren’t the only ones sleeping with stuffed animals?

Around 40 percent of adults still sleep with at least one plushy. The reason? To combat the same feelings of anxiety or loneliness that prompted you to sleep with them as a child.

Gifting plush toys is a kind gesture you can offer to people of any age. This statistic proves that. So continue reading to learn a few unique plush toys you can get for your friends and family.

Ally the Alligator

This adorable alligator would make a perfect gift for a little boy or any nature lover. This soft alligator is green with brown spots in a row along its back.

America the Bear

This patriotic bear makes the perfect 4th of July gift for anyone. She comes in three different color schemes, which are primarily either red, white, or blue. A small American flag decorates her chest, and she’s ready for a night of fireworks.

Black Bat

Got a Halloween lover in your life who enjoys all things spooky but cute? This adorable black bat with orange accents would make the perfect gift. The little white fangs are an adorably spooky feature.

Casanova the Bear

This little white bear makes the perfect gift for your romantic partner or another couple on their anniversary. A small red heart embellishes the chest. A red ribbon tied around the neck completes the look.

Charitee the PGA Golf Bear

Charitee is a wonderful gift for anyone in your life who loves golf. It would make the perfect Father’s Day gift or Christmas gift. The bear is primarily brown, with a plaid golf hat and the PGA symbol on its chest.

Flaky the Snowflake Bear

Flaky is an off-white bear with a silver snowflake pattern throughout and a silver neck ribbon. He makes the perfect gift for Christmas and is small enough to sit at the top of a stocking. Flaky would also make a cute gift for anyone with a winter birthday.

Gobbles the Turkey

Want to get the kids in your family a little gift for Thanksgiving? Gobbles the Turkey is precisely what you’ve been looking for. He’s a male turkey with tall tail plumage done in red, brown, white, and yellow.

Want More Options for Plush Toys to Gift?

The comfort and security offered by stuffed animals and plush toys are never outgrown. The examples above are only a handful of the thousands of potential plush gift options for your friends and family.

Looking for more options for plush toys you can gift to your friends and family? Or have questions about buying quality plush toys?

Check out our online store. You’ll find numerous available options to help you find that perfect gift. You can also contact us today if you still have questions.

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