6 Types of Plush Toys You Can Buy Online

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Stuffed toys and their near cousins date back to colonial America, though the modern stuffed toy started in the late 1800s. They owe their enduring popularity to the emotional and physical comfort they offer. While most people think of children when they think of plush toys, children and adults alike enjoy their nostalgic presence.

You have many options when it comes to picking up plush toys online. Sorting through the myriad vendors and the choices they offer can take time and effort whether you’re an individual collector or you work for a store looking to bulk buy plush toys.

Here, we’re offering a look at six types of plush toys you can buy online. Keep reading for the history and style of several plush toy brands.

1. Beanie Babies

The Beanie Baby made its debut on the world stage in 1993. They earned their name from their unique filler material.

The plastic beans inside the Beanie Baby allow limited adjustment of the toy’s pose. They also give it a little more heft than a more conventional fluff-filled plush toy.

Beanie Babies come in a wide range of designs. While bears have always been among the most popular shapes, Beanie Babies include ducks, unicorns, and countless others.

Every Beanie Baby comes with a heart-shaped tag unique to the toy. For collectors looking to buy Beanie Babies from rare runs, the quality of the label plays a crucial role in collectibility.

Beanie Babies and E-Commerce

Beanie Babies and online shopping have a long, storied history. The online marketplace and the Beanie Baby came up through the mid-1990s, and their rises tie into each other. At one point, six percent of all sales on online auction giant eBay concerned Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies owe their popularity online to their rarity. Some of the rarest Beanie Babies have gone for thousands of dollars at auction online. It’s a concerted strategy of scarcity by the manufacturer.

Frequent retirements and changes to the lineup only enhance the rarity of these toys.

2. Beanie Buddy Plush Toys

The Beanie Buddy serves as a larger counterpart to the Beanie Baby. Beanie Buddies are more than twelve inches in height but have the same general shapes as Beanie Babies.

Beanie Buddies also include collaborations between Ty and other companies. These Beanie Buddies bear the likenesses of popular characters like Disney princesses and Spongebob Squarepants.

3. Beanie Boos

The Beanie Boo, meanwhile, has a smaller, cuter look than the Beanie Baby. These toys have broader, more expressive eyes than Beanie Babies and larger heads to match. The smaller form factor tends to mean a lower price point.

Despite their small size and more recent introduction, the Beanie Boo line remains relatively robust. Ty has released more than 300 Boos since the line got its start.

4. Build-a-Bear

The Build-a-Bear stuffed toy line allows children to build their stuffed animal friends. Children choose templates, clothes, and accessories. At a face-to-face location, children even get to stuff their bears.

Build-a-Bear recently moved more operations online, however. You can now do all the exact steps you’d do at a physical Build-a-Bear location online. They’ll even ship the bear straight to you, complete with a wish inside its stuffed heart.

5. Steiff Toys

Steiff gave rise to the traditional, modern stuffed animal. This German company, formally named Margarete Steiff GmbH, started making pincushions for sewing. The animal-shaped pincushions became popular among children, and the company pivoted to making stuffed animals.

Today, Steiff’s products have a reputation for excellent quality. Their products come at a modest price premium, with some animals going for more than $60. A few ultra-realistic stuffed collectibles from Steiff go for nearly $2,000.

While not within everyone’s budget, these toys represent a commitment to history and quality. Many of the company’s offerings suit collectors much more than children.

6. Plush Dog Toys

If you have an enthusiastic youngster who likes to play tug-of-war with your puppy, take a look at plush dog toys. Unlike plush toys designed primarily for children, plush dog toys center on durability and safety. They use more durable fabric and avoid plastic pieces that might hurt a dog who bites down on them or swallows them.


Some plush dog toys include a squeaker. A squeaker will make a high-pitched noise when the dog bites or presses down on it. While some 

Not all dogs make good candidates for toys with squeakers. An aggressive dog might attack the toy in hopes of digging the squeaker out.

Human Plush Toys for Dogs?

While a plush dog toy might make a good match for a teething youngster who wants to explore the world mouth-first, you can’t switch that and give a human’s plush toy to a dog. These toys risk your canine companion’s health.

Some stuffed toy stuffing can hurt a dog’s insides. Plastic bean filler and accents can also end up damaging a dog’s digestive tract. If your dog tends to sneak into cribs and other areas, you might even want to use a dog-safe toy as a baby plush toy.

Shop Safely Online

Whether they’re current Beanie Babies for a child or older Steiff products that scratch that collector’s urge, buying plush toys online makes for an excellent treat for a child. Children at heart may appreciate the chance to purchase new friends, too.

We started hoping to provide happy childhoods for the next generation of children. If you’re curious about what we have to offer or have an inquiry about our Beanie Babies, contact us.

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