10 of The Most Rare Beanie Babies Ever Made

If you grew up playing with Beanie Babies in the 90s, you probably had no clue that those small stuffed animals filled with pellets could be so valuable someday.

Did you get rid of your Beanie Baby collection in a garage sale or keep them stored away to pass on to your children? Did you tear the heart-shaped TY tag off or leave it on? 

If you have plush Beanie Babies in mint condition, they may be worth more than you realize. In this guide, we’re going to look at the most rare Beanie Babies ever made. If you own one of these coveted Beanie Babies, you may be sitting on a treasure.

1. Patti the Platypus in Magenta

Patti the platypus was a pretty common Beanie Baby; however, the magenta version is hard to come by today. If you’ve got her tucked away in the top of your closet, you’ve got a jewel on your hands. A pristine condition magenta Patti the Platypus sells for over $1000.

2. Pinchers the Lobster

Like Patti the platypus, Pincher’s the lobster is one of the original nine Beanie Babies from the first TY release. He’s hard to find, especially in mint condition.

Hardcore Beanie Baby collectors want the original version of Pincher’s that has a misprinted tag that says “Punchers.” A Punchers tag version going for over $1000 on eBay.

3. Princess the Bear

Princess the bear was named for Princess Diana, which makes her royal purple color fitting. Released in 1997, Princess features a delicate white flower on her chest. Princess is retired today, so collectors are willing to pay upwards of $5,000 for a perfect Princess, making her one of the most expensive Beanie Babies.

4. The Peace Bear

This multi-colored pastel bear was a favorite among kids in the 90s. The tie-died plush toy is difficult to find without stains, and a squeaky-clean edition goes for a couple of thousands of bucks.

5. The Valentino Bear

This Beanie Baby was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for kids in the 90s, back when their valentine was their mom. Valentino is a soft white bear with a red heart on her chest and a matching ribbon around her neck. Released on Valentine’s Day in 1998, Valentino is one of the most rare Beanie Babies and collectors pay thousands of dollars for her. 

6. Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Rabbits

TY loved releasing holiday-themed Beanie Babies, and these pastel rabbit siblings were no exception. The Easter rabbits came in three colors: mint green, soft pink, and pastel purple. 

A fourth rabbit, Dippy the tie-die rabbit, was later released. The mint green Hippity rabbit is currently the most sought-after, and collectors will pay over $5000 for it. However, the whole set of the original three Easter rabbits goes for close to $30,000.

7. Derby the Horse

Derby the horse was a unique Beanie Baby because it had a mane and tail made from yarn, a material that most Beanie Babies didn’t use. There were multiple versions of Derby, so it wasn’t actually a rare Beanie Baby.

However, over the years the version of Derby with a stay on its head and the coarse tail has become increasingly popular. Hardcore collectors want this version of Derby because it has an error on its tag.

8. Piccadilly the Clown Bear

This bear wasn’t necessarily a fan favorite among 90s kids who were afraid of clowns, but these days it’s a hot commodity among collectors. It’s a fluffier bear than the regular teddy bear Beanie Babies, and it’s wearing a color striped clown outfit.

A pristine Piccadilly the clown bear with tag errors goes for around $10,000, and he’s sure the brighten the shelf of any collector.

9. Snort the Red Bull

Snort may be a bull, but he was never that intimidating. In fact, he made Beanie Babies cool for boys who were over teddy bears. Snort’s bright red plush body made him a fun addition to any collection, and now, he’s worth around $5000. 

10. Halo the Bear

Are you in need of a guardian angel? Halo the bear’s tag promises that she will watch over you. Halo is a white bear that has a shiny iridescent fabric. She also has shiny angel wings, a halo, and a cute ribbon around her neck. 

Everything about her looks pure and wholesome. The most coveted version of Halo the bear is one with a brown button nose, which is currently worth $7,000.

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Final Thoughts on the Most Rare Beanie Babies

Back in the 90s, no one expected that the six-inch plus TY Beanie Babies that every kid loved playing with would be worth a ton of money one day. However, we believe that the Beanie Babies’ value really comes from the fun that kids have playing with them.

Whether you’re a collector, a parent, or just a nostalgic grown-up 90s kid, it’s fun to appreciate the joy that Beanie Babies bring you. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on them.

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