8 Famous Plush Toys To Expand Your My BB’s Collection Online!

The fad of having an extended collection of Ty Beanie Babies, and Buddies isn’t stopping soon. It’s growing. It’s rampant and has embraced most of the homes with its adolescent fascination. To tell the truth, we have seen a heap of beanie babies, beanie boos and beanie buddies being launched and retired since the inception – making it a complex task for Ty beanie babies collectors to sort the most popular characters to acquire for their lot.

A stat suggests that an existing beanie babies market hosts about 2500+ different toy styles: including beanie balls, beanie cats, jingles, pluffies, and whatnot. But even then – the hierarchy of popularity of the furry friends is notable and worth abiding by for toy collectors. 

Knowing that Ty has manufactured a solid number of rare beanie babies, old ty stuffed animals, and classic color beanie buddies – it has become inevitable to jot down the 8 most popular plush toys to expand your collection. Don’t miss the most sought-after beanie babies that restore the essence of being a plush toy collector with characters of global traction.

Browse Our 8 Handpicked Ty Beanie Babies & Plush Animal Toys To Shop Online!

1) TY Beanie Baby – BERNIE the St. Bernard Dog:

Bernie the St. Bernand Dog is one of the most highly looked at Ty Beanie Babies with ripples of admiration for its iconic horizontal lying position for collectors. It exhibits a fairly moderate length of 8.5 inches with a hearty poem written inside its tag. The “Bernie the St. Bernand Dog” was born in 1996 and offers the best plush value in terms of being classic & rare.

2) Ty Beanie Baby – Hoppity The Pink Bunny

Hoppity The Pink Bunny speaks volumes about having a diverse range of beanie babies in the market. This pink plush rabbit turns heads with its big floppy ears and a funky gaze and whiskers drawn outward from a dotted nose. The Ty Beanie Baby – Hoppity The Pink Bunny offers the real vintage advantage with its 8-inch soft n smooth body. It also holds the recognition of authenticity on its body – the famous Ty tag positioned on the left ear.

3) Ty Beanie Baby – Hero The Uso Military Bear

This beanie baby was brought out on the store racks in 2003 to honor the veterans and keep the iconic wave of the plush toys as immortal as its star-spangled flag immortalized on the chest. Exhibiting 8.5 inches of length, this Ty Beanie Baby hosts the famous green & black military color diffusion with its head cherishing the shades of originality. The Ty Beanie Baby – Hero The Uso Military Bear comes with authentic Ty tags with hymns for the valor composed inside the tags.

4) Ty Beanie Baby – 1998 Holiday Teddy:

This beanie baby offers a pristine holiday vibe with its holy leaf pattern sprawled all over its body. This beanie follows the release year of 1998 and represents a riled-up reputation in the bear category of plush toys. Were you also entranced by its color-contrasted a red ribbon around its neck with an artistic Santa hat drooping from its head?

5) Ty Beanie Baby – China The Panda

China the Panda is a fuzzy languid panda plush toy made with high-quality soft fabric. This beanie baby retired in 2001 but has struck a chord with its famous panda persona. The Ty Beanie Baby – China The Panda exhibits a regular panda color with black arch-like patches exhibited on the face backdrop. It’s a sight for sore eyes for its fluffy cuteness.

6) Ty Beanie Baby – Chocolate The Moose

Chocolate The Moose is one of a kind beanie baby that has sparkled big time in the animal category. This plush toy had hit the store shelves in 1994 and went on to become an iconic addition with its 2nd and 3rd generation editions felicitating the collectors. The “chocolate” represents its dark brown body with soft signature horns in contrasted orange.

7) Ty Beanie Baby – Clubby 4 The Bear

The Ty Beanie Baby – Clubby 4 The Bear recently got added to the squad of the “beanie buddies” and started making waves for its purple tie-dyed color. Interestingly, this beanie buddy was released in 2001 and retired after a year. Still – its reach and fondness in the Ty collectors is immense for its exclusive tie-dye color and which flows all the way down to her feet with a color-contrasted badge engraved on the chest to complete the look.

8) Ty Beanie Baby – Captain The Whale

Exhibiting a big white belly, a fuller “evil grin” on the forefront and a blue tie-dyed color, the Ty Beanie Baby – Captain The Whale is a welcome addition to the aqua plush toys category. It’s also decorated with a mini sailor’s hat to match her swashbuckling persona. Captain The Whale was born in 2005 with a 7-inch body and an iconic anchor-style tale.

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