What Are Beanie Buddies?

Did you know that some Beanie Buddies can be worth up to $500,000? But what makes these adorable plush toys so rare and expensive? 

Well, the answer isn’t simple. There are a lot of factors that go into pricing  Beanie Buddies. So if you want to learn more about these collector’s items, then keep reading!

History of Beanie Buddies

Beanie Buddies first became popular after Beanie Babies. And over time, the value of Beanie Babies rose unexpectedly. Unfortunately, regular buyers were not able to buy beanie buddies as they were too expensive. 

This is when ty beanie buddies were introduced to the market. They were exactly like Beanie Babies but a bigger version. And they were also made with Tylon or terrycloth fabric

Nevertheless, collectors became excited as they could purchase popular beanie babies. And there were also many options to choose from. For example, during the first release buyers could buy Beak, Jake, Peanut, Rover, Quackers Teddy, and much more. 

The sales for these plush toys were a success. And in later years, Ty designated some of the active Beanie Buddies into the “Classic” family line.

As of recently, you can still purchase these Beanie Buddies with the “Classic” tags. But Ty is mostly known for making their Beanie Buddies into cartoon characters.

Are Beanie Buddies Still Being Made?

Original Beanie Babies were introduced in 1995. They quickly became popular toys. However, by 1999 the Beanie Babies craze died down. And later that year Ty released “The End” bear. 

Then years later, the first Beanie Buddies came to light. And they are currently still being produced by Ty!

Beanie Buddies Value and Demand

An original Beanie Baby can be worth a lot of it still has its original tags. However, most people ripped of these tags when they first purchased the toy as they were a safety concern for children.

However, if you happen to have an original Beanie Baby with its tags it could be worth some money! As for Beanie Buddies, their value is not as high. 

Some highest Beanie Buddies are worth around 20 to 40 dollars. Nevertheless, they still hold a lot of personal value.

Who Are Beanie Buddies For?

Beanie Buddies or Beanie Babies do not have an age restriction. They can be a great gift for a toddler, pre-school kids, or anyone that loves plush toys.

Or maybe your firstborn is going off to college, a Beanie Buddy can be a great gift that reminds them of home. Overall, these plush toys are loved by everyone regardless of age. 

How Long Do Beanie Buddies Last?

One of the reasons that Ty Beanie Buddies are so valuable and popular is because of their longevity. Beanie Buddies can last for years when they are properly cared for. But the best part is that they will still appear brand new.

The Best Beanie Babies at the Moment

Currently, there are over hundreds of Beanie Buddies on the market. So naturally, you may want to also learn about some of them. 

1. 2005 Holiday Teddy 

The Holiday Teddy is a 7-inch plush toy that became very popular because of its bright red Armylliieas flower. If you are not familiar, this red flower has a lot of context with the Christmas holiday. 

The plush itself is a light blonde color with dark brown eyes. And it’s definitely one of our top picks for the cutest plush.

2. America the Bear

America the Bear is another classic for Beanie Babies. The 8.5-inch plush has blue and white ears. And the body itself is a bright red hue. On the right side of the body, you can see the American flag.

This version of the America Bear is an internet exclusive offer. However, you can get a white or blue version pretty easily.

3. Amber the Gold Tabby Cat 

Amber the Cat is definitely a staple for cat lovers around the world. The 7.5 inch plushy has orange striped fur. And you can even see some of the whiskers poking out of its face.

4. April the Birthday Bear

April the Bear is great for anyone looking for a fun birthday gift. The bear has a white face and it’s wearing a clown costume.

The costume itself has a lot of fun colors that appear very vibrant.  Overall, the April Birthday Bear will make a great gift for anyone that loves plush toys!

5. Ariel the Bear 

Ariel the Bear is another popular Beanie Baby. This 8.5-inch bear comes in a teal shade. This bear also has a colorful bow wrapped around the neck which gives it an extra pop of color.

However, the best part of Ariel the Bear is the patchwork on the right side. The patchwork is a beautiful arrangement of flowers that match the color theme on the bear. And right above the flowers, you can see a beautiful sun. 

6. American Blessing the Praying Bear

One of the cutest Beanie Buddies to exist is the Praying Bear. The bear itself is an off-white shade but the ears are the true genius of the design. On the left ear, you can see a dark-colored theme that resembled a night sky.

And on the right side, the ear appears to resemble a candy cane. But one of the best parts of this bear is that it is in a praying position and the eyes are closed! Lastly, on the right arm, it has the words “God Bless” patched on!

Get Your Beanie Buddies Today

Now that you know everything about Beanie Buddies, you can start collecting them. Or if you’re just looking for a gift, then a Beanie Buddy is a great option as well.

So head on over to our products page, for a full list of some of the most amazing Beanies!

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