Kids Face Mask: Fun Ideas They Will Want to Wear

Wearing a face mask is a proven precaution that slows the spread of COVID-19. Airports, transportation facilities, and many other areas still mandate face masks.

Mask-wearing can be fun for kiddos if they are allowed to personalize their masks. So what are the best kids’ face masks?

Top Kids Face Mask 

The options for an antiviral face mask for kids or an n95 face mask for kids seem endless, and many products are customized with fun designs.

Star Wars

Thanks to Legos, spinoff cartoons, and other products, Star Wars remains popular in the collective imagination of many kids. Why not let your boy or girl top her smile with R2-D2, “baby Yoda,” or another popular creature from the Star Wars universe?

Super Heroes

Remember wanting to be Spider-Man or Captain America? Our kids carry those same fantasies. The internet is full of mouth cover mask options that feature iconic comic book images from the Marvel universe. 

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books and movies continue to immerse kids in the world of Hogwarts. Kid-friendly face masks can be found that feature Harry’s wire-rimmed glasses, Hogwarts crests, and other popular imagery from the series. 

Animal Mouths

Looking for the puuurrfect mask for your cat-loving kiddo? Comfortable kids masks can be found with dog, cat, tiger, and other animal mouth designs. If you can find it at a zoo, it probably has a face mask design!

Various Patterns

Pre-teens are likely to seek out more subtle designs. Face masks can be found with patterns and colors that match outfits or color themes your kid may be looking for. 

Other Considerations

No matter what design you pick, make sure your child’s mask is comfortable and fits over their mouth and nose. There should not be any large gaps on the sides. If there are, you can typically adjust the mask to make it fit snuggly.

Ensure that your child can breathe easily while wearing the mask. Most masks are adjustable. 

If your child uses the mask while playing sports, choose a highly breathable material. Cotton, silk, and polypropylene are great materials to start with.

You can often shop for a kid’s face mask at the same websites where you shop for beanie babies. Let your child do online shopping with you. Ordering custom face masks can be a fun experience for you and your kiddo.

Finally, set a good example for your kid by wearing your face mask when it is appropriate. Children follow by example.

Make Mask-Wearing Fun!

It probably comes as no surprise that the options for a kid-friendly face mask are huge. Custom kids face mask allows your child to express him or herself. Or to just be funny or silly!

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