The Best Online Toy Retailers in 2021

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Shopping for toys for your child used to be as easy as going to your local toy store. Unfortunately for parents, that all has changed. The past ten years have seen the closing of some of the most major toy stores.

Now that so many toy retailers have moved online, toy shopping is more overwhelming than ever. With changing trends and new toy lines coming out constantly, it’s hard to know which toys are best for your child. 

That’s why we’re here to take the stress out of toy shopping. In this article, we tell you not only the best kind of toy to buy but also the best online toy retailers to buy from. Keep reading to learn how you can buy the perfect toy for your child with every toy you buy.

Plush Toys: More Than Just Toys 

When you’re shopping for a toy for your child, look for plush toys. Plush toys are more than toys; they are helpful in the development of a child’s education and emotional well-being. For example, a plush toy can provide comfort and ease stress for a child in an unfamiliar setting.

Owning a plush toy encourages a child to be nurturing, which in turn grows their emotional maturity. Plush toys and other “transitional objects” like special blankets help children move from being dependent on their parents to being self-sufficient. 

On top of playing a key role in your child’s development, plush toys never fall out of trend. On top of that, there is a plush toy to suit every child’s personal tastes.

All these factors combine together to make plush toys the perfect go-to toy for your child. Given all their benefits, it’s no wonder that plush toys have kept their popularity for decades. 

The First of Plush Toys: The Teddy Bear

When you hear “plush toy,” the first image to come to your mind is likely that of the teddy bear. It’s true that toys have been around as long as humans have, but the modern plush toy can trace its origins back to the early twentieth century with the invention of the teddy bear. Teddy bears remain the most iconic of plush toys and are still gifted to loved ones around the world today. 

Ty Beanie Babies as Toys and Collectibles 

Many people know Ty Beanie Babies for their famous collectible teddy bears. What many people may not know is that Beanie Babies also come in all shapes and sizes.

If you were around in the 90s, then you likely remember when Ty Beanie Babies were the toy to have. Almost everyone had their own collection of Beanie Babies, some of which sell for thousands of dollars today.

After three decades, beanie babies haven’t lost their sparkle. They’re still available to buy and there is always a new Beanie Baby for you to discover.

Ty Beanie Babies are collectible by design. There’s a Beanie Baby for every holiday, occasion, and special interest. You don’t have to wait for your child’s birthday or Christmas to gift them a Beanie Baby, you can get them one for every holiday. 

Why Choose Ty Beanie Babies for Your Child 

When you buy a Beanie Baby for your child, you can be a part of their playtime. Starting a Beanie Baby Collection with your child is a great bonding experience that you both can love and enjoy. 

With all the Beanie Babies available for collection, there are endless possibilities for your child’s imagination. They can navigate the open seas with Bubbles The Fish, waddle through the Antarctic with Waddle The Pengiun, explore jungles with Dotson The Jaguar, and more! Ignite your child’s creativity when you buy them a Ty Beanie Baby. 

The Problem With Buying From Online Toy Stores

Now that you know one of the best toys to shop for, you want to make sure you buy a safe toy for your child. Unfortunately for everyone, not all plush toys are made equally. For example, a poorly-made plush toy could have loose stuffing or pallets that could be a choking hazard for your child.

Even what is thought of as the best toy stores sell inferior products from time to time. You never have to worry about buying a low-quality toy when you shop online at, the best toy retailer of Beanie Babies around. We only sell well-made plush toys, and at amazing prices too! 

Best Online Toy Retailers for Ty Beanie Babies 

We created out of the desire to give children the best childhoods. We believe the best way we can do that is with Ty Beanie Babies. We have built an extensive collection of our favorite Beanie Baby, Beanie Boo, and Beanie Buddy toys and have made them all available for you to buy.

We don’t only have new Beanie Babies, we also carry older Beanie Babies from all the way back when Ty Beanie Babies were first released in 1993. We aren’t just the best online toy retailer for toys, we’re the best online retailer for Beanie Baby collectors, too. 

My Beanie Babies: Your Go-To Online Toy Store

Our mission is to be your go-to choice for Beanie Babies and other toys and childcare items. Our genuine passion for bringing joy to the lives of children is what sets us apart from other toy stores. As toy retailers, we want every child to have the chance to grow up with a stuffed animal they treasure.

Ty Beanie Babies are timeless, adorable, and cuddly stuffed animals that every child can enjoy. Missing a Beanie Baby from your collection? View our selection to find who you’re looking for. 

Looking for your child’s next favorite toy? Get the best plush toy for your child today when you shop online at 

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