5 Reasons to Buy Beanie Baby Bears

Whether you were a parent or child of the 90s or you just love to celebrate nostalgia, there’s one thing you’re going to love: Beanie Baby bears. 

If you’ve never held one in your own two hands, we’re here to tell you that Beanie Babies are unlike any other plush toy. Their bean-based stuffing makes them more posable than most stuffed toys. Their variety makes them exciting to find and collect.

You may be thinking, “That’s all well and good, but why should I own a Beanie Baby bear of my own?” We’re glad you asked.

Read on as we discuss the top five reasons to buy Beanie Baby bears this year.

1. Beanie Baby Bears Make Great Companions

No matter how young or old you are, it’s always nice to have companionship. Finding comfort in other people or pets is an important method for enriching our lives. Finding comfort in something that’s soft and cute (and low maintenance!) is a great way to experience joy day to day.

Whether you want a Beanie Baby bear to sit on the dashboard of your car, on a shelf in your room, or in the bag you carry to school, they’ll be there for you. Beanie Babies are durable, which means that you can show your Beanie Baby love without worrying about wearing it out. What could be better than unconditional companionship for years to come?

2. Beanie Baby Bears Teach Electronic-Free Play

Perhaps you’re trying to pick out a gift to give to the child in your life. A Beanie Baby bear is a great choice.

Today, many kids’ toys are electronic. They can get pricey, especially if they require batteries that need replacing every few weeks or months. Plus, electronic toys often involve instructional play, guiding children through a singular experience again and again. 

Beanie Baby bears allow kids to play in an expansive and imaginative way. The possibilities are endless when it’s just you and your bear, going on adventures, making up stories, and playing pretend!

Electronic toys are great and many of them serve educational purposes. Still, unleashing the imagination with an electronic-free toy can also do wonders for a child’s development and sense of confidence. 

3. Collecting Is an Enriching Experience

Starting a collection is a great way to turn a simple joy into a hobby or pastime. Some collectors like to stick with Beanie Babies, specifically, hoping to collect all of the Ty creations. Others might enjoy collecting, for example, stuffed animals of a wide variety, or different objects shaped like bears.

There are tons of benefits of collecting. For example, collecting can increase your happiness by letting you experience the flood of excitement that comes with adding to your collection. Collecting can also help us tap back into the curiosity and simple pleasures of childhood that are often hard to access when dealing with the stress of adulthood.

Collecting can also help you to find community. We’re constantly coming up with new blog posts for Beanie Baby collectors because, well, there are a lot of us out there!

You can get in contact with other Beanie Baby collectors online and, chances are, even in your own neighborhood. Finding your fellow collectors is a great experience because you’ll have plenty to talk about and tons of joy to share with one another.

4. Beanie Baby Bears Provide Endless Nostalgia 

Ty Warner started releasing his adorable Beanie Baby creations into the world in 1993. In the early days, Beanie Babies could be found in independent toy stores rather than major retailers, making them somewhat obscure toys. However, by the second half of the 1990s, Beanie Babies were one of the most sought-after stuffed animals on the market.

No matter your current age, there’s probably a specific Beanie Baby line that is near and dear to your heart. Perhaps you were buying original Beanie Babies when they first came out or finding Teenie Beanies in your Happy Meals. Maybe the later line of Beanie Boos is most precious to you.

No matter which Beanie Baby bears speak most to you, you’re bound to find them in our store. We’ve got specialty bears, birthday bears, anniversary bears, and more. Tap back into the nostalgia that unlocks your inner child with Beanie Baby bears.

5. Beanie Babies Continue to Have Value 

It’s hard to encounter any talk of Beanie Baby bears without acknowledging the collector’s zeal of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many people started to buy up Beanie Babies after realizing that not only were they sought after but they could also “retire” at any moment. In other words, they could appreciate in value if you had the right Beanie Baby at the right time.

Is this still the case? Are people still collecting Beanie Baby bears in part because they’re an asset?

Not all Beanie Baby bears are worth thousands of dollars. Not all of the Beanie Babies that are worth thousands of dollars are bears. Still, it’s always possible that your mint condition Beanie Baby bears will be worth money someday (or today).

Regardless of their dollar value, we firmly believe that all Beanie Baby bears have value! They’re lovable, cute, and tons of fun.

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As you can see, there are tons of great reasons to buy Beanie Baby bears. Whether you want to invite some comfort and nostalgia into your own life or spread the joy to a new generation, consider buying a special bear today.

At My Beanie Babies, we provide an extensive inventory of Beanie Babies that is easy to navigate. With customizable search results, you can figure out quickly if we’ve got the Beanie Baby bear of your dreams. Take a look at our website and find your new best friend.

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