Spotting Fake Beanie Babies – A Guide For New Plush Collectors Online!

Despite being famous for suffocating the supply and inflating the demand, Ty Warner (now known as Ty only) reflected on the habit of being uber-selective with what they throw in the market to match the customer preferences. They extended their beanie babies collection with the inclusion of animal plush toys and possibly included every admirable creature in their lot.

Still – the number of beanie babies that rocked the store shelves was finger-countable and the collectors had the marbles to manage their names and release years with ease. But – as the whole “collection” habit received public traction – local vendors or resellers began rolling out fake beanie babies on the most common marketplaces for my beanie babies.

The Mechanics of Fabrication

From eBay to other public forums – it had become extremely difficult for collectors and beanie babies lovers to hoard the all-authentic and company-built plush toys whereas the fake manufacturers kept minting money off their beanie babies with second-rate pellets, easily torn fabric, and a change in design compared with what Ty had released in the market.

In today’s time – when the 90’s bandwagon is fading – we still have Ty beanie baby collectors who are starting anew and this guide is to help them spot the fake beanie babies. Learn about how to spot fake plush toys to secure your money and promote buying genuine Ty toys online.

1) Checking The Plush Toy Tags

Beanie Babies come along with 2 inevitable commonalities that define their authenticity: swing and tush tags. It also examines its real market value if the tags are intact and not damaged. You can immediately browse for the two tags and ensure that your ty beanie babie is genuine and company manufactured. Also, these tags would have the same font style all along without any errors or typos in between.

It further confirms that your plush toy is from the official beanie babies catalog and can be auctioned or sold. Checking your tags also confirms the year and maker’s address which makes it easier to check it in the database of other beanie babies at the time of making a deal with a ty beanie babies collector. If the swing and tush tags are of low quality and dull colors; it means you are dealing with second-rate beanie babies online!

2) Evaluate The Body Sizing & Proportion

Evaluating body proportion or measuring the equivalence of arm and feet length is also one way of evaluating the originality of ty beanie babies. Ensure that you check the body parameters and if you have an animal plush toy in possession – you can also compare it with an authentic plush toy to understand its body dynamics & posture. There are several beanie babies in the market that exhibit a defect of proportion. It could also be an overstuffing of the head, giving us a brief hint of their unauthentic nature of manufacturing.

3) Scan Down The Fabric Quality

Scanning down the fabric quality is one of the prerequisites of checking the authenticity of Ty beanie babies. Usually, a genuine piece has a thing for soft fabric and a balanced proportion of pellets. Further, the fabric does not develop wrinkles and maintains surface smoothness. It is also safe to buy the original beanie babies online by determining the condition of the plush toy. The “mint” condition is everyone’s cup of tea as it’s beyond the “Good as new” standpoint and carries with it the right set of readiness for buying genuine plush toys.

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