Meet Yodel, the Adorable Big-Eyed St. Bernard – Ty Beanie Baby’s Cutest Canine Friend

Meet Yodel, The Delightful St. Bernard


Prepare to fall in love with the newest addition to the Ty Beanie Baby family, Yodel the St. Bernard Dog! Ty has outdone themselves with this remarkable plush toy. Expertly crafted and stands at a charming 6 inches, Yodel perfectly encapsulates the essence of the renowned Swiss rescue dogs.

Gazing into Yodel’s Charming Big Eyes

One of the leading features of Yodel the St. Bernard Dog is undeniably his captivating, oversized eyes. Incredibly detailed and oh-so-adorable, these eyes are the defining trait of the Ty Beanie Baby Big Eye Version. Whether it’s sitting on your desk or nestled among your other cherished Ty Beanie Babies, Yodel’s big eyes draw your attention and warm your heart.

An Irresistible Addition to Any Collection

With his delightful expression and outstanding craftsmanship, Yodel is a sensational addition for all Beanie Baby Collectors. His life-like features, super-soft plush coat and captivating big eyes make him an irresistible member of the Beanie Baby family. Own him for yourself or gift him to another passionate collector, Yodel is sure to be a cherished companion for years to come.

More Than Just Collecting: Great for Kids Too!

Yodel isn’t just for collectors; he’s also a popular choice in Kids Toys. Young children absolutely adore Yodel’s cuddly nature and playful big eyes, making him a great companion in their toy collection.

When to Gift Yodel: Perfect Occasions

Not sure when to bring Yodel into your life or someone else’s? Here are a few perfect occasions:

  1. Yodel could easily be the star attraction of your next holiday gift exchange. He’s adorable, he’s loved by kids and adults alike, and he doesn’t break the bank.
  2. Birthdays are another top choice. Whether the recipient is a passionate collector or a child who loves plush toys, Yodel brings a big smile every time.
  3. As a “just because” gift, Yodel is absolutely stellar. Sometimes, you don’t need a special occasion to bring joy into someone’s life.

Add a delightful touch to your special occasions, or bring joy to a collector’s life with an addition to their Ty Beanie Baby collection, Yodel is an excellent choice. Find Yodel the St. Bernard Dog – Big Eye Version (6 Inch), right here and bring home this adorable St. Bernard today!

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