Meet Viva Las Beanies: The Exclusive Elvis Bear from Ty Beanie Baby at Walgreens

Introduce the King: Elvis Bear from Ty Beanie Baby

The year is 1956 and Elvis Presley just shot to stardom, a year later, Viva Las Vegas is the ultimate talk of the town: a song, a movie, a lifestyle. Fast forward some decades and we have the perfect blend of the King’s glamour with playfulness in our midst: a plush toy masterpiece known as the Elvis Beanie Baby. Specially designed for Walgreens, it is the embodiment of the glamorous reign of Elvis, in the form of a Ty Beanie Baby, it’s none other than our Viva Las Beanies Elvis Bear.

Description: All Shook Up with Viva Las Beanies

Get ready, Beanie Baby Collectors! This gorgeous Ty Beanie Baby is ready to shake, rattle, and roll its way into your heart and collection. The Elvis Bear is an 8.5-inch plush toy that creates a fantastic fusion of a bear’s cuteness and Elvis’ iconic appearance. Decked in the King’s signature white jumpsuit, complete with intricate details, and even a red scarf, the Elvis Beanie Baby is the perfect addition to your collection.

As a Walgreen’s Exclusive, it carries an even greater value. Wrapped in that sleek, silky fur and the unmistakable bright blue eyes, it’s an unmatched plush toy in its class. No other Ty Beanie Baby does justice to the King’s legacy quite like the Elvis Bear does.

For the one’s who can’t help falling in love: Elvis Beanie Baby

Immortalize your love and passion for the King by adding the Elvis Beanie Baby to your collection today. It’s more than a plush toy – it’s a tribute to one of the greatest icons music has ever seen.

Perfect Gift: Elvis has entered the building

Not just for enthusiasts, the Elvis Bear is also the perfect plush toy to gift to your loved ones. Make their special day even more exceptional with this exclusive Ty Beanie Baby.

  1. Birthdays: Make your loved one feel like a rockstar with Viva Las Beanies. After all, birthdays are for memorable gifts and what can be more memorable than the King himself?
  2. Anniversaries: Let the nostalgia of Elvis’ era speak to the timeless bond you share with your partner on your special day.
  3. Fan Gatherings: What better way to enter an Elvis fan gathering than to bring along the most adorable tribute to the King himself?

Don’t miss the chance to own a part of the legacy, the Elvis Beanie Baby is waiting for you. As the King once said, “Ambition is a dream with V8 engine”, and this is your dream engine, the Viva Las Beanies Elvis Bear!

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