Meet Tabor, the Adorable Pink & White Tiger from the Ty Beanie Baby Collection

Introducing Tabor Ty Beanie Baby, the Cutest Tiger in the Jungle!

Say hello to Tabor, the most delightful Ty Beanie Baby Tiger in the toy kingdom! Tabor is not your average tiger. She exudes an irresistible charm with her unique pink and white stripes, endearing smile, and the cutest whiskers that would melt anyone’s heart, kids and adults alike!


Why Tabor is the Perfect Addition to Every Ty Beanie Baby Collection

Every member of the Ty Beanie Baby Collection is known for its creativity, quality, and individuality. Tabor is no exception! This Pink and White Tiger Toy stands out with her perky ears, expressive eyes and a lovable tail that’s equally fun to wag and snuggle. More than just her looks, she’s soft, huggable, and made to last – a promise we uphold in our plush toy collectibles.

Kids Plush Toys: Combining Fun and Learning!

Toys are not just about playtime. They play an integral role in fostering a child’s cognitive development – and Tabor, this Ty Beanie Baby tiger, does just that! Acting out scenarios with Tabor encourages imaginative play, vital for kids’ emotional development and social skills. Tabor isn’t just a toy; she’s a learning tool in disguise!

The Ideal Gift for All Occasions!

Toys leave lasting memories, especially if they’re as cute as Tabor! Here are three occasions where Tabor would make a perfect gift:

  1. Birthday: Make your little one’s birthday extra special with Tabor. She’s a gift that doubles as a new best friend!
  2. Valentine’s Day: Who says only teddy bears deserve love in February? Tabor, with her pink and white stripes, is indeed the perfect plush gift for Valentine’s Day!
  3. Just Because: You don’t always need a reason to make someone smile. Presenting Tabor ‘just because’ can turn any regular day into a celebration!

Ready to bring Tabor home? Click here to add Tabor to your Ty Beanie Baby Collection! She’s ready to fill your home with roars, love, and lots of tiger-tastic fun!

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