Meet Smitten – The Sweet Pink Porcupine from Ty Beanie Baby Collection

All About Smitten The Pink Porcupine from the Ty Beanie Baby Collection

Smitten The Pink Porcupine is a charming plush toy from the ever-iconic Ty Beanie Baby lineup. With sweet, sparkly eyes and soft pink quills, Smitten is the epitome of unique collectible toys that bring joy and charm into every child’s toy collection.

Smitten The Pink Porcupine

The Irresistible Smitten

Your search for the perfect addition to your Beanie Baby collection ends with Smitten. Made from high-quality material and the impeccable attention to detail that Ty is known for, this cuddly critter is irresistibly cute and durable. Kids love the friendly face and vibrant color of this plush toy, while toy collectors appreciate the unique design and high-quality craftsmanship that sets Smitten apart.

Comforting Cuddles

Kids toys should be safe, enjoyable, and comforting, which is exactly what Smitten offers. The plushy exterior makes it perfect for bedtime cuddles, while the size is just right for little hands to hold and carry around. Smitten exemplifies the Ty Beanie Baby design philosophy of creating toys that represent adorable creatures in the most appealing way possible.

Gifts for All Occasions

Smitten The Pink Porcupine is not just a plush toy; it’s a perfect gift for the special little ones in your life. Smitten is a sweet present for birthdays, a heartwarming surprise for Valentine’s Day, or a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. Why not show your love and thoughtfulness by gifting the adorable Smitten for these special occasions?

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A Unique Addition for Collectors

If you’re a collector, enhancing your beanie baby collection with this unique item is a must-do. Besides being a standout due to its vibrant color and design, Smitten carries the unique appeal that Ty Beanie Babies offer to devout toy collectors. The joy of keeping, cuddling and aesthetically enjoying Smitten makes it a unique piece in any collection of plush toys.


Whether your intention is to gift, play, or collect, Smitten The Pink Porcupine from Ty Beanie Baby is the perfect pick. Expand your Beanie Baby collection or make a child’s day brighter with this unique, plush toy. So what’re you waiting for?

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