Meet Sledder – The Irresistible Big Eyed Husky Beanie Baby from Ty Everyone’s Talking About

Discover Sledder The Husky Dog in the Ty Beanie Babies Collection!

Meet Sledder, the latest addition to the widely adored Ty Beanie Babies collection. As a hallmark of exceptional quality and irresistibly cuddly design, Ty Beanie Babies have long held a special place in every plush toy collection. One look at Sledder and you will understand why.


Sledder the Husky Dog, one of the most sought-after Big Eye Beanie Babies, captivates with an endearing gaze through his large, glossy, plastic eyes. These enlarged eyes, coupled with its charmingly fluffed fur, make Sledder a standout in any plush toy collection.

Ty Beanie Babies continue to dominate the kids toys market, captivating the hearts of children and adults alike. Whether you’re an enthusiast, a casual collector or a parent on the search for that perfect gift, Sledder is one companion that your little ones won’t be able to resist.

A Value Investment in Beanie Babies Collection

Not only does Sledder bring countless hours of joy and companionship, but also offers potential as a value investment. With careful maintenance over the years, Beanie Babies value tends to stand the test of time, making them a much-loved collector’s item. Adding Sledder to your Beanie Babies Collection is an investment in both joy and potential future worth – a unique blend that few other toys can claim.

The Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Sledder is nothing short of a perfect gift, suited for any child, collector, or plush toy aficionado. Whether you’re on the hunt for a birthday gift, a festive present, or a ‘just because’ surprise, Sledder is certain to bring smiles and delight no matter the occasion.

Why wait? Add Sledder the Husky Dog to your Beanie Babies collection today!

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