Meet Riggins the Dog – The Adorable Ty Beanie Baby of September 2007

A Cuddly Addition to Your Ty Beanie Baby Collection!

In the heartland of plush toys, there is a name that resonates with charm and nostalgia – Ty Beanie Baby. These plush babies have remained a favorite among toy enthusiasts and Beanie Baby collectors alike. Today, it’s time to introduce a darling addition for your plush collection – Riggins The Dog!

Riggins The Dog

Riggins – our adorable Ty Beanie Baby from a special series of Beanie Babies introduced in the year 2007, makes a perfect cuddle accomplice for both kids and adults. This floppy-eared pup is set to become a beloved member of your Beanie Baby family. From his heartwarming puppy dog eyes to his finely crafted plush coat, Riggins The Dog is a delight to behold!

Unleashing the BBOM Collection!

Riggins The Dog is part of the remarkable BBOM Collection. ‘BBOM’? Yes, it stands for Beanie Baby of the Month! BBOM is an exclusive range launched by Ty that captured the hearts of Beanie Baby collectors worldwide. And Riggins, being the darling of September 2007, carries an irresistible dose of that BBOM magic!

With his finely stitched features, soft, huggable coat and precious floppy ears, Riggins stands out among the plush toys in the BBOM collection – a charming tribute to man’s best friend!

Toy Features and Care

When it comes to your plush collection, toy features and toy care are paramount. Riggins The Dog shows off the quality craftsmanship Ty Beanie Baby is known for, sporting detailed stitching and vibrant colors. And worry not! Taking care of Riggins is as easy as pie. A quick surface wash keeps him looking fresh and brand-new.

Perfect for Gifting!

Presenting Riggins The Dog isn’t just reserved for Beanie Baby collectors. He makes for a perfect gift for a myriad of occasions!

  1. Children’s Birthdays: Riggins’ huggable size and friendly demeanor make him a hit with the littles ones.
  2. Pet Lovers: Dog enthusiasts will appreciate this adorable embodiment of puppy love!
  3. **Collector’s Milestone: ** Commemorate an anniversary or milestone in a collector’s journey with Riggins!

So, why wait? Give a gift that holds a world of charm, nostalgia, and love. Order Riggins The Dog today!

Add a sprinkle of plush joy to your life, or a dear one’s. With Riggins the Dog, every moment becomes a bit more cuddly, a tad more special. Welcome to the world of Ty Beanie Baby!

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