Guide To Cleaning Your Plush Toys – DIY METHOD!

Let’s admit the fact that anyone can join the famous affinity groups crammed with enthusiasts selling ty beanie babies and other plush toys from the limelight and become a proclaimed collector but it takes the right method, skill, and, consistency to set up the hygiene and cleanliness of the beanie babies which is often a great sign for their market value. 

The plush toys have a history of rough use at the hands of nefarious and pesky kids who would drag, loop, or embrace them to the schools, playgrounds, shopping malls, or any family festival where beanie babies reserves their reasons to smile. Their loose use of the most prized beanie babies makes it imperative for parents to read the guide to cleaning the plush toys – which in turn – restores their sparkle, and provides a breath of fresh air. 

It’s an added benefit for plush toy lovers to know that such tips & tricks to cleanse and revitalize the fruitful whiteness of their beanie babies become doable by using products that are already jotted down on the grocery list of our households. With that, you also do it with yourself and there’s a growing assurance that you cleanse your plush toys with proximity. 

It often takes our mood into ruin when the noisy shrills of the crying of our toddlers, kid, and little ones reverberate throughout the household – because their favorite beanie babies are now tainted with dirt, gunk, and the food marks that they had unintentionally smeared it with. To avoid all that at once – we’ve compiled a list of the practices that you must avoid when it comes to cleansing your ty beanie babies for their renewed shine and comfort. 


Here are the precursors to the perfect method of cleansing of restoring your child’s favorite plush toy to its mint condition. Knowing that beanie babies hold a delicate company-fitted state for their expressive details that include tucked eye buttons, stitched whiskers, and threaded smiles – it has become imperative to avoid these DIY cleansing scenarios.

1) No Machine Twirls & Dryer Heating

Beanie babies do not exhibit a robust build for obvious reasons and throwing them inside the whirlpool of washing machines and dryer heating containers could damage their pellets and facial accessories. It is advised not to use the washing machine or dryers to disinfect or cleanse your ty beanie babies. The intense water pressure and machine gyrations could tear up, damage, or roughen up the stitching of the fabric of plush toys.

2) A BIG no to bleaches

Bleaches and other liquid soaps/ cleansers are manufactured out of hardline chemically-driven substances that encompass great potential to damage the beanie babies. As per industry experts, it’s a big NO to use bleach and other washers to keep the actual build and feel intact even if these products can iron out the most stubborn stains.

3) Don’t Think Twice On The Dish Washer

There’s a strong obligation that runs parallel to keeping your toys in the mint state – it’s to avoid the use of dishwashers. Even though such washing liquids could remove the deeply ingested swirl marks, weary yellowish element, and dirt patches – the experts advise beanie baby lovers to say no to the dishwashers and not submerge their toys in hot water.


Here are our more proactive and worth-trying ways to cleanse your plush toys. It comes unsaid that such methods have 0% risk but require dedication and focus on cracking the recipe right? 

Follow these simple and time-tested methods that bring back the “good as new” shine of your ty beanie babies without roughing up their fabric, or dismantling their facial accessories. 

You can first go through each method until the context is perfected to begin cleansing the ty plush toys and animal toys. 

Use Baby Wipes

The right method is to gently dabble and touch the fabric-absorbed stains with the baby wipes to restore the shine of your beanie babies and also keep the damage away. The baby wipes come with gentle chemical properties that are maple to clean the plush toys.

Swirl It With Cold Water

Take a clean piece of cloth, and run it under cold water until it’s perfectly drenched. Rub the spots carrying the dirt element from the fabric of the plush toys. Do it for a considerable amount of time. Rinse & repeat the process for more clear outputs on the cleansing.

Regular Handwash For The Win

Here’s the deal – use a regular handwash with cold water to gently cleanse the dirt spots from your beanie babies and later – use a vacuum or the air dryer set on a mild temperature to dry off its furry texture. You can also use a flabby brush with sturdy bristles to brush off the dust from your plush toy.


The word is out. It’s time to save and revitalize the shine of your kid’s favorite plush toys. You can use these risk-free methods to erode the dust, stains, and other dirt elements from plush toys without damaging them.

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