Fall in Love with the Adorable Ty Beanie Baby – New Jersey the Bear: A State Exclusive

Spark Joy with the Ty Beanie Baby: New Jersey The Bear!

Embrace your Garden State charm with the cutest little emerald in the plush toy world – the Ty Beanie Baby, New Jersey The Bear! This exclusive beanie baby collectible comes in the form of an 8.5-inch plush, perfectly sized for little hands to hold or for collectors to display. New Jersey The Bear

As New Jersey lovers know too well, this state has a special place in many hearts. And what better way to showcase your love for this vibrant state than with an adorable plush tribute!

Get Cuddly with Beanie Baby Collectibles

Imagine holding this soft, plush toy in your hands as you reminisce about the joy and beauty that New Jersey brings! Crafted with extreme precision, New Jersey The Bear brims with unforgettable character. His vibrant colors and friendly expression instantly brighten any space!

Perfect Gift for Every Occasion!

Now, if you are thinking of the perfect gift that would make any New Jersey lover’s heart flutter, then look no further! New Jersey The Bear is simply perfect for:


Tagged with an exclusive “I LOVE NEW JERSEY” print, this cuddly companion becomes an instant keepsake for your birthday celebrant.


Bring Garden State charm to your holiday festivities! The bear’s colors and the words, “New Jersey”, tastefully embroidered, make it a smart addition to your holiday decorations.

State Pride Gatherings:

Watching a local game or having a homecoming party? No better guest than New Jersey The Bear, who comes bearing smiles and state pride.

This Beanie Baby Collectible is an emblem of joy and memories, a fitting representation of the state we cherish. Buy your plush companion today and show off your New Jersey pride with the Ty Beanie Baby, New Jersey The Bear!

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