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Spotting Fake Beanie Babies – A Guide For New Plush Collectors Online!

Spotting Fake Beanie Babies - Guide

Despite being famous for suffocating the supply and inflating the demand, Ty Warner (now known as Ty only) reflected on the habit of being uber-selective with what they throw in the market to match the customer preferences. They extended their beanie babies collection with the inclusion of animal plush toys and possibly included every admirable […]

A Brief History of Beanie Babies

beanie babies

Millennials everywhere should remember this popular 90’s toy! These lovable,¬†collectible stuffed animals that took the world by storm had their time in the limelight only to fizzle out a few decades later. We’re talking about Beanie Babies! This craze had people all over the world looking to buy beanie babies, even smuggling them in from […]